Sole proprietorship

Summary of essentials

The legal form of a sole proprietorship is often chosen as a starting point for self-employment. It is founded quickly and cost-effectively, and no capital is required. The sole proprietorship is suitable for entrepreneurs who are not yet sure whether the business model works and simply want to try it out, or people who have no liability risks.

The owner of the sole proprietorship does not necessarily have to live in Switzerland. The owner is personally liable for any debts of the company with his assets.

Only one person can be involved in a sole proprietorship at a time.

Minimum capital none
Formation costs Commercial Registry Office: CHF 200.- to 300.-
Fasoon: CHF 100.-
Liability Personal liability of the proprietor
Place of residence of the holder Can live abroad (different cantonal regulations)
Name Fantasy name + surname of the owner
Social security Self-employed, i.e. AHV deduction from company profits
Bookkeeping Double-entry accounting from CHF 500,000.- turnover per year


Further information on the sole proprietorship

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Basics of the sole proprietorship

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