Liquidation of a Ltd Liab Co or Ltd.

Quick and easy with Fasoon

The liquidation of a Ltd Liab Co or Ltd is a laborious process.
We accompany you and help you to handle the legal matters

Procedure for liquidation

The company must be put into liquidation. This requires an extraordinary shareholders’ meeting at a notary public.

The call for debt must be drawn up and published in the SOGC.

After the publication of the third debt call it is necessary to wait 1 year.

After expiry of the blocking year, the definitive deletion can be requested from the Commercial Register.

Our services

We prepare the necessary documents
We go to the notary for you
We publish the debt calls
We will send you the extract from the commercial register with the form for definitive deletion


Our services CHF 690.–
Excl. VAT, incl. notary and debt calls
Commercial register CHF 200.– to 400.–
Excl. VAT for the deletion

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