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Our history – this is how Fasoon
We, the three founders (starting left: Sascha, Walter and Damian) of Fasoon, have worked together for many years on the leading Swiss online start-up portal, helping to build and manage it. Due to different visions between the owner and the current Fasoon team, we have decided to launch our own new and fresh online company formation portal.


This is our Visionstrong,
It is our declared goal to offer company start-ups as safely, quickly, easily and cost-effectively as possible so that our customers can concentrate fully on their project. Because we find: Everyone should have the opportunity to realize their ideas and dreams or to start their own business.


These are our customers
Our customers are as versatile as people are. The hip café in the city centre, the hairdressing salon in the country and the cabinetmaker with custom-made dining tables are among our customers, as well as the internationally oriented high-tech start-up or the pioneers in the fintech sector. The different needs and starting positions of our founders make our work really interesting. That is why the craftsman is just as exciting for us as the ETH graduate.


We know what we are talking about:
If you add up the years in which the three of us have worked in the start-up and founding sector, we have over 30 years of experience. During this time we have personally advised thousands of founders and accompanied them on the way to their own company. Since we have taken this step ourselves in the meantime, we know the challenges of our customers at first hand and have a few practical tips that we can pass on to you.


Because we know that every franc counts in the beginning, we try to make our offers as cheap as possible. Thanks to our partners, who support us in this matter, it is even possible to set up completely free of charge. Beyond that, we also focus on transparency: on our price page, the prospective founder sees not only the costs of Fasoon, but also all the other costs he or she will have to bear during the founding process. We also have the fastest company formation service in Switzerland.


What does “Fasoon” actually mean?

This is a question we are often asked. Finding a good name for our platform was actually a rather lengthy process. We consciously wanted to stand out from the existing providers in the name – but at the same time, the name should of course suit us, not cause any problems under trademark law and still be available as a domain. This is a challenge that many of our customers also know. We tried everything: creative techniques like chains of associations, terms related to reasons translated into all kinds of languages, but we just didn’t want to find a suitable name. Also the attempt to get our creativity going with a few beers ended in a funny evening, but not in a name for our project. In the end, we even decided to hire an agency to find a name, only to find that the only name that came into question for us was unfortunately already registered as a trademark.

Since at least the company headquarters in Appenzell had been fixed very early on, Walter had the idea of searching his Appenzell dictionary for suitable terms, so we came up with a selection that we all liked. The term Fasoon fitted in well with our project from various perspectives: in the Appenzell dialect, Fasoon is a derivative of the French “façon”, i.e. the type or form. With Fasoon we want to give the founders the right form for your idea. At the same time, as a dialect term, it establishes a reference to our company headquarters in Appenzell. If one distances oneself somewhat from this origin, a play on words from the German abbreviation for company “Fa” and the English “soon” can also be seen in it. A composition that fits perfectly for the fastest company formation service in Switzerland.


Our tip for company founders

As a young company itself, we know the challenges that founders face in the beginning. The step into self-employment required some courage: to start with Fasoon, we had to leave our own comfort zones and give up a job with a secure income. Especially when you have a family for which you are responsible, this is a step that does not only affect you. But even if this sounds like a cheap cliché from one of the many founding guidebooks – the step into self-employment has felt right for us from day one: The opportunity to implement our own ideas to make the path into self-employment even easier for our customers motivates us every day anew.

Therefore our advice to the people who are thinking of turning your idea into reality:

  • Now is the right time to start pursuing your dreams. Those who wait for the perfect moment only postpone the decision and lose valuable time.
  • Set your sights high: Only those who set themselves high goals and measure themselves by these goals will achieve great things. Those who orientate themselves on the average in advance will not get beyond it.
  • Plan the resources: Time and money in particular are essential resources that are often scarce when founding a company. A financial plan is therefore an important means of assessing whether the project can be implemented at all. If you keep track of your current figures, you can also see if and when you get into serious trouble.
  • Plan conservatively: Do not confuse goals with planning! A mistake that is unfortunately made very often. The ambitious goals and expectations often lead to very optimistic planning. Experience shows, however, that everything always takes longer and costs more than was originally assumed.
  • Don’t get discouraged: Setbacks are part of being an entrepreneur. So it is important not to lose courage and faith in the project.
  • Stay flexible: If something does not work as planned, try something new. It is often better to test many possible variants instead of investing all your energy in improving a variant that does not work.


Last but not least

as with every start-up, it is also important for us that our environment supports and strengthens us in our decision, for which we would like to say “thank you” here.


Your Fasoon Team




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