Public limited company

The Ltd in a nutshell

The limited company, or Ltd for short, is a very adaptable form of company. It enjoys a very high reputation and is more suitable for medium-sized companies. The simple transfer of shares also makes this form of company interesting for smaller companies.

The owners, i.e. shareholders, of the Ltd are not liable with their private assets.

At least one person is required for the foundation. This can also be another company.

The founding capital can be paid in cash or in the form of a contribution in kind, i.e. instead of cash, you bring a tangible asset (e.g. vehicle) into the company.

Minimum capital CHF 100’000.- (partial payment possible: at least 20%, but at least CHF 50’000.- in cash or in kind)
Formation costs Commercial Register Office: CHF 700.- to 900.-
audit of contributions in kind, if necessary: CHF 500.- to 1’000.-
Fasoon: CHF 0.- to 290.- (with contribution in kind: CHF 490.-)
Liability No personal liability
Relationship of the shareholders to each other A shareholders’ agreement allows various regulations and safeguards
Board of Directors A board of directors resident in Switzerland is required
Name Freely selectable
Social security Are needed: Employees Shareholders are treated like employees
Bookkeeping Double-entry accounting necessary


Further information on the limited company

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