Foundation process

Setting up with Fasoon is as simple as this

Before the foundation

Calculate offer and enter data


Sign documents

Notarial certification

Commercial register entry

Before the foundation

Before founding your company, think about the appropriate legal form for your idea. Information on this can be found for example in our blog and in the comparison of legal forms, which clearly compares the advantages and disadvantages of the various legal forms.

If required, we are happy to advise you personally by phone or Skype video call. In this way you can clarify all special questions that arise in connection with your foundation with one of our specialists. The best thing is to make an appointment right away.

The consultation is naturally free of charge.

Step 1: Calculate offer and enter data

If you know which legal form you want to establish, you can use our establishment tool to calculate an offer quickly and easily. There you also have the possibility to select our partner offers in order to profit from the exclusive offers and the strongly reduced foundation price.

Afterwards, in just a few steps, you can record the most important cornerstones of your company and commission us to establish it.

Step 2: Meeting

After we have received your order, we will check the details and contact you within 24 hours. This also includes checking the company name you have chosen for possible conflicts in connection with company and trademark law. Open points will be discussed with you and, if necessary, adjusted directly by us. You will then receive all the documents required for your formation quickly and easily by email. So you can check them again at your leisure.

Step 3: Sign documents

Once you have checked all documents and they are correct, print them out and sign them. Every person authorized to sign for your company must have their signature certified. Depending on the canton, you can do this at the municipal administration or a notary’s office.

When founding a corporation (Ltd or Ltd Liab Co), a confirmation of capital contribution is also required (if you will deposit the company capital in cash). This is issued to you by the bank where you have paid in the initial capital for your company.

You send the signed documents to us together with the certified signatures and the capital contribution confirmation (in case of Ltd or Ltd Liab Co).

Step 4: Notarial certification (for Ltd Liab Co and Ltd)

The documents are checked again by us for completeness. If all required documents and signatures are available, we pass them on to our notary. The latter carries out the public certification and thus the actual founding act. Subsequently, the notary public registers your company foundation directly at the responsible commercial register office for registration.

Your company is now officially “in formation“.

Step 5: Commercial register entry

After the documents have been received by the commercial register office, it takes about 10 to 14 days until the registration. If it is very urgent with the registration, there is the possibility to accelerate the process at the commercial register office and to apply for a daily register excerpt. However, this results in additional costs for the commercial register office. Only after the entry in the commercial register is the company officially founded. After the entry in the commercial register you will be informed by us and you will receive your certified extract from the commercial register.